Weekend Getaway

Last weekend I reunited with my friends, who I haven’t seen for 6 months due to Covid-19. We spent a couple days in an Air BnB close to the german city Würzburg in Bavaria.

Our Air BnB was located in a little village surrounded by beautiful fields and narrow roads.

The building looked very much like an old farmhouse and we immediately fell in love with the little backyard and the beautiful vintage car. After a little afternoon snack, we headed to Würzburg to enjoy our dinner next to the Main river.

We woke up late the next morning and I decided to shoot the beautiful car, which already had my attention since we arrived.

After spending the day in Würzburg exploring the city, we enjoyed some Sushi for dinner.

Later that day we decided to explore the little village and take a short walk in the fields.

I hope you liked this little photo diary and feel free to give me some feedback in the comments!

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