Are you ready to stand out?

In a digital landscape that never sleeps, social media is the heartbeat of brand success. Did you know that 4.9 billion people, more than half the global population, are active social media users? It’s not just a platform – it’s a dynamic space where brands can connect to their customers and build closer connections than ever before. That’s where I come in as your dedicated social media manager – not just to navigate the trends, but to help your brand to stand out!

Why entrust your brand’s digital presence to me? Beyond mastering the algorithms and staying on top of ever-evolving trends, I bring a strategic prowess that transforms social media into a dynamic force for your brand. I understand that it’s not just about posting content; it’s about telling a story that clicks with your audience, builds connections, and gets people engaged.

Social media isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for brands in the 21st century.

It’s where authenticity meets visibility, and every post is a chance to showcase your brand’s personality. A successful social media strategy isn’t just about getting more and more followers; it’s about converting them into brand enthusiasts and loyal customers.

Collaborating with me means turning your social media channels into a strong tool that helps your brand thrive. From compelling content calendars to real-time community engagement, I ensure that your brand will reach the audience it needs to become successful.

Don’t let your brand fade into the digital background. Seize the power of social media with me as your social media manager. Together, we’ll create your digital presence that attracts your audience, matched your CI and most importantly cultivates meaningful connections. Let’s turn users into followers and followers into customers!

What I Offer


Global Availability

No matter where your business is, I am available worldwide. Lucky for you – calls and social media can be done from anywhere nowadays. 

Content Plan

Content planning is crucial for maintaining a consistent brand voice, providing value to your audience – and that’s exactly why I’m here to do it for you!

Community Management

No time to interact with your followers, answer messages and create engaging stories? Consider outsourcing your social media management to me to ensure consistent engagement and a trusting community.

Content Creation/Editing

Whether you need someone to shoot all the content for your social media or you already have the content but no time to edit your photos or create a Reel? Let me do the work!

Strategy Development

A social media strategy is your roadmap to success. It aligns your brand with goals, engages your audience effectively, and ensures consistency.

Analytics and Reporting

Numbers are the essence of social media marketing to understand what performs well and what doesn’t. That’s why I consistently check and analyze your performance.

Social Media Facts


Instagram Feed Examples

Effective feed planning is crucial on Instagram. You wonder why? It’s the first impression of potential new followers and customers that discover your profile. A  visually cohesive profile will leave a positive first impression and strengthens your brand identity.

In addition, a well-planned feed ensures consistency in the visual appearance of your Instagram profile. Consistency in colors, themes, and overall aesthetics can make your profile visually appealing.

The Process

all services can be booked alone | service costs based on your brand, country and work load



Strategy Development

Let’s have a call! You present the vision you have for your social media and we discuss goals and objectives. Then I’ll identify your target audience and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as research competitors and industry trends.


Based on that information I’ll develop your Social Media Strategy and we can start with the content planning!


Content Plan

Based on the strategy from step #1 I will develop a content plan and calendar that outlines the posting schedule, needed content themes and campaigns.


I will incorporate different content types to reach your audience and build an engaging online presence. This content plan can be planned month by month depending on our collaboration.


Content Creation

Once decided the type of content you need, I’ll create it for you. This means you either send me the products or we meet for a shooting. If you have a digital product, we discuss the strategy in step #1.


This is followed by content editing or creating designs for your social media. If you already have the footage I will only do the edit or design.


Click here to see what to expect when it comes to content creation.


Community Management

Building a community and engaging with your audience is what makes social media a social network. Never forget that!


That’s why I’ll respond to comments, messages and mentions and engage with the audience through likes, shares and comments. This will help them build trust in your brand and help you grow organically.


Analytics and Reporting

Each month I’ll monitor analytics to track performance against KPIs. I will analyze the success of individual posts and campaigns to adjust your Social Media Strategy based on the data insights.


This includes impressions and engagement percentage as well as your overall growth per month and information about your followers.