Buenos Aires: best places to eat vegan/vegetarian

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Often referred to as the Paris of South America – Buenos Aires is famous for tango, steaks, empanadas, and its European style. Perfect for a meat-lover, it can be a challenge to find food for vegetarians and vegans in Argentina.

Therefore, I’ve listed all the restaurants I’ve tried and liked during my time in Buenos Aires that are suitable for vegetarians. This is my honest and real opinion – just a recommendation for everyone reading this. Enjoy!

Palermo Hollywood

Palermo is the biggest neighborhood of Buenos Aires and split into two subdistricts – Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho. Both are excellent options for vegetarian restaurants and cafés.

Palermo Hollywood owes its name to the many television studios and film production companies located there. However, it also is a great place and hotspot for fancy restaurants with an international touch. You can find sushi bars, Italian pizza houses, AND most importantly many vegan and vegetarian places.


Located in the heart of Palermo Hollywood you’ll find this vegetarian restaurant. When stepping inside you’ll find yourself surrounded by bright bohemian indoor design and a combination of a restaurant and little shop. The food variety goes from salads to burgers, bowls, and desserts in high quality.

Furthermore, it seemed like the owner wanted to combine traditional food with modern vegetarian food. Therefore, you’ll find different principal dishes such as Gracias Paraguay, Oriente Presente or Lasagna de Polenta Rellena.

I enjoyed Gracias Paraguay, a dish with traditional Chipas (cheesy bread), bean salad, rice, baked potatoes, tomato salad and avocado. Along with your meal, you can choose natural unsweetened lemonades and fresh juices.

In addition to the meal, they serve you a variety of their homemade bread along with a dip. You can buy a loaf of each bread in case you enjoyed it.

This restaurant might be a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Restaurants I didn’t get to try

Since Palermo Hollywood has so much to offer regarding vegetarian food, I was not able to try them all. However, I’ve created a list of restaurants and cafés that seem interesting.

  • Ainara Helados Veganos
  • Estilo Veggie
  • Bioma plant based café Palermo
  • Vive Café

Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho is the other part of Palermo, famous for its bohemian style, Spanish architecture and graffities. It’s worth visiting just for walking around the streets and admire its art, but it also has a lot of great restaurants to offer.

Fifi almacén

I discovered this place by coincidence, and it turned into my favorite lunch in Buenos Aires. It’s a vegan restaurant, offering 100% plant-based dishes such as bowls, sandwiches, salads, cakes, or sweets. Everything seemed really fresh and natural. To accompany your meal, take one of their juices, lemonades, or coffees.

I personally decided to go for the Super Bowl, which you can see in the picture.

The restaurant itself has a really nice design with wooden tables and plants. In addition, they are selling organic fruits and vegetables there as well.

Mulata Café de Especialidad

Next to my hostel, there was this nice café offering brunch-like meals all day long. They have a wide range of coffee and similar drinks such as chai latte or matcha. Furthermore, you can order juices, pastries, sandwiches, eggs, or yoghurt bowls.

It’s located at the corner of a quiet street and has some nice interior design and warm atmosphere.

Pico empanadas

While empanadas are a traditional and quite famous dish in Argentina and found at every bakery, this bar offers a great selection of fancier, more unusual empanadas. In case you’ve never heard of them before, they are stuffed dumplings, usually filled with meat or vegetables.

These flavors come I different colors and each empanada is named after a city such as Venice, Manhattan, or Hamburg. Next to meat options, they also sell vegetarian versions.

Nita vegan bakery

This cute little bakery is 100% vegan, offering bread and pastries such as croissants or cinnamon rolls. They also use healthier flour such as integral flour and the women working there are really nice. Definitely a nice treat on the way.

San Nicolás

This neighborhood is home to many famous sights of Buenos Aires. From Avenida 9 de Julio, one of the widest streets of the world, to Teatro Colón, an opera house known for its impressive acoustics, to Avenida Corrientes, a street filled with pizzerias, shops and nightlife.

It’s the neighbor of Recoleta, a wealthy neighborhood that seems like Europe due to its imported French, Italian and Spanish architecture. On the other side you’ll find the harbor Puerto Madero.

La Reverde parrillita vegana

Close to the national congress you’ll find a small vegan restaurant, that you might almost overlook. Once you step inside, you’ll experience the probably closest experience to traditional Argentinian dishes such as milanesas and its famous BBQ, but veganized.

As vegetarian/vegan it is quite hard to try and taste their traditional cuisine but in this little restaurant they prepare everything completely vegan with meat substitutes such as seitan.

Since it can be challenging to find nice food as vegetarian/vegan, I hope this list can help you enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires!

Thank you for reading this blog post! See you for the next adventure 🙂
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