Daytrip to Moreton Island

Last Updated on March 24, 2020

Last weekend me and my Australian friends went on a daytrip to Moreton Island – a sand island 40km next to Brisbane, Australia. Most tourists book a daytrip like we did, but you can stay for the night in one of the hotels or campgrounds aswell.

The ferry to Tangalooma takes about an hour and 15 minutes. The resort has lots of activities you can combine such as wreck snorkeling, water sports, desert safari or parasailing and a lot more.

Moreton Island

Tangalooma doesn’t really have a desert, because there is too much rain, but they call the sand dunes ‘desert’ anyway. The safari starts near a restaurant, where you get into a special bus and drive to the sand dunes. The ride is pretty rough, because of all those sand bumps, but pretty funny as well.

After you finally get to the dunes, your first challenge is waiting for you. The most exhausting thing of the whole day was to get on that pretty high dune with your board. But when you get up there, the view is fantastic. After you have your breath back, you can take a ride with your board down the dune. It is really fun and your speed is up to 80km/h.

Moreton Island

When we got back to the beach, we took another swim in the ocean. After that we headed to the landing stage to watch the sunset and another special activity in Tangalooma. When it gets dark about eleven wild dolphins show up, which you can feed or just watch. There was also a little baby dolphin, which was only one week old.

Moreton Island

As you can see, a daytrip to Moreton Island is really exciting and you can choose between so many different activities. On this Island you’ll never get bored.

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