Impressions of Bangkok

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Trying to inhale the vibrant energy and feel this place with all my senses. There’s the smell of burned meat and smoke. Sweet flavors of little pancakes cooked in hot oil. Spices find their way through my nose. Exhale. Thick wet air surrounds my body. Sweat pearls are slowly rolling down my forehead. I feel like one of those grilled insects you get offered at every corner. Grilled in the tropical sun of Southeast Asia. My clothes stick to my body. My feet are dirty and ripped from walking in flip flops. Water from dirty puddles splashes against my legs. I opened my eyes. There I was. In the middle of Bangkok. Vibrant. Exotic. An attack on my senses. Water pearls of my cold drink run down my hand from condensing in the heat. I look around. Rusty Tuk-Tuk are trying to find their way through the chaotic traffic while tourists try not to get run over. Thin sick looking cats eat food waste that just had been thrown out on the street at the back of the restaurant. I walk through busy China Town. There’s too much to see, too much to feel, too much for my senses at one time. Sparkling illuminated signs adorn the dilapidated houses. And I do not understand a word. A new surprise at every corner. Busy Thai women discuss loudly while trying to sell their colorful food. Fruits I’ve never seen before. Fish and meat on melting ice sizzle in the hot sun. A man looks at me and begins to smile. Half of his teeth are no longer there. There’s a rat running along and disappears at a corner. Inhale. Exhale. This is Bangkok. Exotic. Vibrant. An attack on my senses.

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